The Asexual was founded by Michael Paramo in October 2016. It serves as a space for writers and artists under the ace umbrella to publish their work in an online and physical quarterly journal. Since its first issue, The Asexual has published essays, poetry, paintings, and digital art, by ace people from Australia, Hungary, India, Mexico, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The journal has published the writing and art of high school students as well as undergraduate and graduate students in scholarly fields of Literature, Ethnic Studies, Social Work, Sexual Dissidence, Women and Gender Studies, Sociology, LGBT Studies, and Fine Art from institutions such as UCLA, the University of Sussex, the University of Salford, Bath Spa University, The College of New Jersey, among others. The journal has also published the work of medical professionals in the field of sexuality, activist media directors and producers, as well as university faculty.

The Asexual's purpose is to center ace narratives, perspectives, and activism from the often unheard voices of people who identify under the ace umbrella. By providing space for ace people to publish their work, it seeks to advance asexuality discourse beyond awareness and into various understudied realms and intersections, including attraction and desire, queerness and sex, labels and meaning, gender and identity, sexuality and the body, race and ethnicity, and defining representation. It will continue to produce full quality collections of work that address these areas of interest with the greater objective of initiating change internally and externally to the ace community. The Asexual also exemplifies independently-managed media to its fullest extent, run entirely by one person since its inception. If you want to support them, you can donate via Patreon

The Asexual received over 15,500 visits and 25,000 page views in 2017. As of February 15th, it has received over 4,500 visits and 9,000 page views in 2018. The Asexual is followed by Lamda Literary, the leading LGBT Literary organization in the nation.


lead editor, layout editor, social media manager.

Michael Paramo is a gay aromantic asexual Latinx demiguy and graduate student. They created The Asexual from an intense passion to amplify the narratives, perspectives, and activism of people under the ace umbrella. They currently manage The Asexual journal and website, serving as its lead editor, layout editor, social media manager, and more, Their research interests include queer theory, intersectional approaches, attraction and desire, media representation, gender and performance, and asexuality studies. They have received editorial experience as a managing editor of a graduate student journal on their university campus as well as an editorship on H-Net, an online interdisciplinary forum for scholars in the humanities and social sciences.

Select Conferences and Panels: 

Paramo, Michael. “Tracing Desirelessness: An Historical Analysis of ‘Asexual’ Existence.” National Women’s Studies Association. Hilton Baltimore. (November 18th, 2017).

Paramo, Michael. “Gender, Performance, and Drag Culture.” Ethnic Studies Summit. Wilshire Theater, Fullerton College. (October 14th, 2017). Invited Panelist.

Paramo, Michael. “LGBT Inclusive Public School Curriculum: A Gradual Process, Support vs. Opposition, and Effects on LGBT Youth.” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association. Marriot Marina, San Diego. (April 15th, 2017).

Paramo, Michael. “’God Makes No Mistakes’: Analyzing the LGBT Empowerment Anthem and Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’.” International Association for the Study of Popular Music. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. (February 23rd, 2017).

Select Interviews and Media Appearances:

"Why I Began A Magazine For Asexual People To Express Themselves" for Cake. December 18, 2017. Cake is the gender and sexuality space of Youth Ki Awaaz, “India's largest platform for young people to express themselves on critical issues.”

"Let me assure you that my life is no less fulfilling, thank you very much. #AsexualAwarenessWeek" for Buzzfeed LGBT. October 27, 2017.

"'Centering Ace Perspectives and Narratives': An Interview with Michael Paramo,
Founder of The Asexual
" for Anomalous Press. October 23, 2017.


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Twitter: @Michael_Paramo

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guest writers

Geoffrey Colaizzi is an androromantic demisexual agender person located in northern Virginia. They are an undergraduate student at George Mason University, and has been selected to present their research at the National Women's Studies Association. While going to school part-time and working full-time as a human resources assistant, they are also activist in their spare time working to expand ace/aro awareness and inclusivity in local queer communities and spaces. Geoffrey is the founder of Mason's Arrows & Aces (est. January 2015), a student social group and ace/aro awareness organization. Twitter: @inqueertime and @arrowsacesgmu

Articles Written: The Ace Side of #MeToo