Asexuality in Perspective

The Asexual operates on a foundation which recognizes that settler colonialism in the locations of the Earth now referred to as the Western world along with global imperialism inherently frames any research, writing, or content concerning (a)sexuality, gender, attraction, and intimacy in our contemporary world for the following reasons:

  1. It initiated a gendercide of indigenous human beings living outside of the Western gender binary through institutionalizing the systemic dehumanization and massacre of third gender, two-spirit, trans, and/or non-binary human beings on a mass scale in order to establish colonial rule over indigenous populations and define the world in white supremacist cisheteropatriarchal terms. [1] [2] [3]

  2. It initiated the rigid regulation of sexual practice along racial lines, in which certain (hetero)sexual practices and certain human beings who engaged in them became marked as “civilized,” “holy,” “normal,” and “natural,” while other sexual practices and certain human beings who engaged in them became problematized as “savage,” “deviant,” “abnormal,” and “unnatural.” Western sexological practice classified and medicalized human beings under various terms of deviance as a part of establishing and conditioning society to position the heterosexual monogamous couple as normative. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

  3. It instituted the idea that we all intrinsically hold a “sexual identity” that can define the complexities of human attraction under neatly-defined labels that are understood in sexual terms, prioritizing the importance of one’s sexual attraction towards other human being(s) while limiting the ability for expression of other forms of, particularly “same-sex,” attraction and intimacy. Non-sexual acts have become imbued with sexual meaning, perceived as indicators of our sexuality: a touch becomes a sign, a lisp becomes an alarm, a strut becomes a signal. [1] [2]

The Asexual believes that asexuality can function (1) as a personal identity centered, yet not exclusively defined by a lack of sexual attraction, that is necessary for the practical aspects of community formation, societal recognition, and survival in a sexual world and (2) conceptually, as a counter-force to the Western institutionalization of the sexual, as exemplified in the latter two points listed above. I propose that to think “asexually” is therefore to adopt a decolonial worldview which seeks to unravel the colonial legacies of policing, classifying, and problematizing sexual practices and (re)imagine a world in which “sexual identity” is decentered and the complexities of human attraction and intimacy are acknowledged.

by Michael Paramo [Updated: Oct 11th, 2018]

About The Asexual

The Asexual seeks to elevate discourse, primarily regarding (a)sexuality, gender, and attraction, by providing a space for ace people to publish their work. Part of this includes advancing asexuality discourse beyond awareness and into understudied realms, such as theorizing attraction, queer desires, (a)sexuality, (a)romantic, and (a)gender identities, the body, transnational (a)sexualities, and race, ethnicity, culture and (a)sexuality. To address this objective, The Asexual is producing quarterly journal issues addressing subjects that require more recognition, both within and external to the ace community, original articles and social media discussion challenging preconceived understandings of (a)sexuality, gender, and attraction, and intends to produce original anthologies in the future.

The Asexual was founded by Michael Paramo in October 2016 and released its first issue in April 2017. As a quarterly journal, The Asexual journal has published the work of writers and artists under the ace umbrella and includes PhD candidates and graduate students on its editorial board. The Asexual has published authors from Australia, Hungary, India, Mexico, Pakistan, the UK, and the United States as well as past or current students from USC, UCLA, the University of Sussex, the University of Salford, Bath Spa University, the University of Toledo, among others. The Asexual has also published the work of medical professionals in the field of sexual health, activist media directors and producers, PhD candidates and recipients, and a Professor of Public Health.

The Asexual represents independently-managed media to its fullest extent, directed entirely by one person. If you would like to support them through their work with The Asexual journal and website or if you simply appreciate The Asexual's existence, you can donate via our Patreon. The Asexual journal and website would not be possible without your continued support. Social media of The Asexual is primarily centered on our Twitter, which has garnered over 10,000 followers. In the entirety of 2017, The Asexual received over 15,500 visits and 25,000 page views. As of September 1st, The Asexual has received over 50,000 visits and 90,000 page views in 2018. The Asexual is followed by Lamda Literary, the leading LGBT literary organization in the nation, and supported by AVEN (The Asexual Visibility and Education Network). 

Founder of The Asexual

Michael Paramo is a recovering overthinker reviving their love for creating art. profile page: here twitter: @mxparamo

Editorial Board of The Asexual journal

Ai Baba (she/they) is an aroace agender person, who is currently writing a dissertation on how to include into history those who have been marginalized, excluded, and/or forgotten from history, proposing the inclusion of asexuality in historical analyses. Ai currently volunteers for the Asexual Census Survey Team and also runs “ace to ace” to connect those who identify as ace in Japan ( Twitter: @not_alibaba

Geoffrey Colaizzi is an androromantic demisexual agender person located in northern Virginia. They are an undergraduate student at George Mason University, and has presented their research on asexual relationality at the National Women's Studies Association in 2015 and 2017. While going to school part-time, they also work as a full-time HR intern and a part-time HR assistant. Over the past six years, Geoffrey has also been an activist in their spare time working to expand ace/aro awareness and inclusivity in local queer communities and spaces. Twitter: @inqueertime

Evelyn Elgie is a queer ace poet, artist, and academic. Her work deals with mental illness, asexuality, deconstruction and landscape, and in particular a radical re-imagining of our cultural understanding of sex and romance. She holds a BA in Contemporary Studies and Creative Writing from the University of King’s College, and her poetry has appeared in Open Heart Forgery, Glass Mountain, and Hinge: Journal of the Contemporary. She is about to begin her master’s degree at the Social Justice Institute at the University of British Columbia.

Katie Halinski is a non-binary grey-asexual from London. They are currently doing a PhD in Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic at the University of Cambridge, where they are researching human-bird interactions and bird symbolism in Old Norse culture. In their spare time, they enjoy playing bass guitar and watching films (the stranger the better). They can be found on Twitter as @Liminalitea, where they mostly post about kaiju, cats, the stranger parts of medieval culture, and mental health.

Emma Hutson is currently completing a PhD on trans literature at Sheffield Hallam University. She has work published in C Word: An anthology of writing from Cardiff, Severine Literary and Art Journal, CrabFat Magazine, the Harpoon Review and The Asexual journal. Her short story ‘Footsteps’ came second place in Sheffield Authors’ Off The Shelf short story competition. She is available on Twitter @hemmanony

Joe Jukes holds an MA Sexual Dissidence from the University of Sussex, UK. Their primary research interests concern theory, including Queer- and Gender Theory, Critical Theory as well as Cultural Geography and Rural Studies. Joe's MA thesis sought new, creative methodologies for discussing asexuality without recourse to the 'negative'. They have published in The Asexual before, in the Body and Sex issues, and are hoping to pursue a PhD working towards the creation of “asexual theory.” Their Twitter can be found @JoeeJayyy

sydney khoo is a non-binary and queer writer, born in new south wales, australia to malaysian-chinese parents. though typically located crying in starbucks or tweeting in mcdonalds, they can occasionally be found posting creative essays and short stories online. follow them on twitter @sydneykerosene

Ashley O’Mara is a freelance writer, former Jeopardy! contestant, and PhD candidate at Syracuse University, where they are writing a dissertation about celibacy and asexuality in literature after the English Reformation. Their work on sexuality, religion, and politics has appeared in America and Metathesis. They identify as ace, enby, and some kind of andro- or biromantic. They have strong opinions about hummus. Follow them online at and @ashleymomara

Supporters of The Asexual

Adriane Ai Baba aivi tran Akilah Thomas Aleksandra Baltrusaitis Alex Stabler Alexandra Bowers-Mason Alexandra Sinhart Aliistrae Alissa Andrea Berman ANNE HAWLEY Annie Robertson Annika Anthoknees Anthony Pizzo Arkady atsomnambulist AutumnInAprilArt Ayla Ounce Barbara Outterson Bejoty Benjamin Ratchford Bethany King Bevin Brand Bianca Caraza Brittainy Brown Camille Theron Cara Mischinski Ceili Sauer Cha Cha Spinrad Charlotte Katherine Chris Pasillas Christian Claudia Luca Cortni Fernandez Courtney Boucher Crystal Arreola Cynthia Santana-Ramirez Dalyn Cornell Damianne Abel Dan Moody Dana Herbeck Daniela Illing Danielle Greene David Allen David Jay Dawn Schuldenfrei Deborah Hawkins Diana Passy Drek the Bat Duke Lambert Dylan Morris Elisheva Averett-Balser Elizabeth Alpert Elizabeth Stewart Ellen Bartlett Emily Karp Emma Juettner Eric Muhr F. C. Florian Freyss Floydiana Friederike Boerner Gabriel Ryan Gaia Gwyn Ochs Hazel Shaw Heidi Samuelson Helen Doremus Hockey Té. IcyOshawottz Introverziert J.M. Cowan Jacob Irving Jay Jenna Matthews Jenni Schimmels Jennifer Smart Jessica Jessica Beroldi Jessica Carmona Jessica Gates Jessica OToole Jessica Schomberg Jessica Shea Joe Kort Jordan Johnson Jude Jules de Bellefeuille Defoy Julia Julia Adams Julia Amodeo Julie Rozen Kaitlyn Mahoney Kate Gilbert Kathrine A. Boyer Katie Frey KatieC Katy Purington Katya Miranda Kazia Berkley-Cramer Kianna Carter Kirsten Kittya_Cullen Kiya Kristina Weber Kyle Lindsey Leanna Leisha Lilith Harris Lindsey Petrucci Linhtropy Lydia M. D. Hooks M.A.B. Madeline Askew Maegani Mandy Rosas Marianne Kouba Maribel C. Pagan Mary Bielenberg Mary Kame Ginoza Mat Jarosz Megan Christopher meowfactory merrymary Michelle Pham MKM Riddell Molly Myriam Warren Mythos NaeK Naive Heart Nellie nik harvelle Nilah Magruder Olivia M. Ophelia Ono Ortija Vitola Queer Xicano Chisme Rachel Baran Raelee Lancaster Rafaela Rane Wallin redlandcannibal Robin St Clare Robin Taylor Ronnie Roseaboveit Productivity Rowan Rook Sadie Jeffries Samantha L Sarah Andrews Sarah Lister Sarah Lopez Sarah MacQueen Sarah McCoy Scott Peterson Sety Sex Gets Real Shannon Kinney Steven Story Hospital T Tawny Case Teal aka Howie Bing Terrana Cliff Tess Farley The Mela Experience The Transgender Language Primer TheAfictionado Three Tylea Vari Robinson Victoria Roberts Vilya virdant Walter Mastelaro Neto weirdokay

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