According to a census of the ace community conducted by AVEN in 2014, of over 10,000 ace people surveyed, a massive 77.3% of respondents were "White (NonHispanic)." Studies such as these exemplify the evident reality that ace communities are highly dominated by white people and white voices. How does this impact understandings and perceptions of asexuality? How does the relationship between whiteness and asexuality alter understandings of your own asexuality as an ace person? What is your experience as an ace person of color? How does race intersect with asexuality? How can the centrality of whiteness in the ace community be dismantled? Submissions are not limited to the discussion or questions posed here, this is simply one potential origination point on exploring this theme of race and asexuality.

Submissions for Vol. 1, Issue 4 should be entirely original work and, preferably, previously unpublished, although this can be negotiated. There is no minimum length requirement, but please attempt to keep submissions of written work under fifty lines for poetry and under 3,000 words for prose. If you would like to send in a longer piece, this will probably be acceptable, but please send an email to AsexualJournal@gmail.com prior to submission to confirm. Along with your submission, please send a 100-150 word bio about yourself written in third person. Please send submissions in a Microsoft Word document or PDF format if an essay or poem, and in any image file if visual work. If accepted, your piece may be edited with your approval prior to being published. Your piece will be published online and in PDF format for free as well as in physical format and be made available for purchase. All submissions are currently paid $2.50 for poetry, $5.00 for essays, and $5.00 for art, as per The Asexual's most recently surpassed goal on Patreon. While the owner retains copyright of work upon publication, they agree to give The Asexual first serial/electronic and print rights, as well as electronic and print archival rights. If the work is published subsequently, online or in print, credit to The Asexual should also be provided.

Deadline: December 20th, 2017 // Submit to: AsexualJournal@gmail.com

For full guidelines on submissions, visit The Asexual's submissions page.