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Vol. 2, Issue 2: On Asexuality and Representation

Vol. 2, Issue 2: On Asexuality and Representation

Asexuality and Representation

Representation can be powerful. Whether it be regarding mass-produced media, including popular literature, television, film, music, video games, and more, or media directed at more niche audiences, how we are represented effects how we are perceived and understood. Asexuality has yet to be widely represented in popular media. As ace people, we may be actively involved in creating our own stories that may function as representation for ourselves. To address the important theme of representation, The Asexual is accepting submissions by ace writers and artists that may intersect with analyzing representations of asexuality in media, exist as examples of self-created forms of ace representation (i.e. fiction, essays, artwork, poetry, etc.), and pieces reflecting how representations of asexuality have impacted you or others. Submissions may also grapple with related topics of ace symbolism (or symbols that represent asexuality) as well as the impact of problematic ace representations (i.e. non-inclusive, inaccurate, etc.), among other related topics intersecting with asexuality and representation.

Deadline: June 12th, 2018


On the above theme(s), The Asexual is currently accepting poetry, prose, fiction, nonfiction, personal essays, academic essays, abstract written pieces, and any other form of writing. The Asexual also accepts photography, recorded videos, music, speeches, recited poetry, sketches, drawings, paintings, comics, abstract artistic work, and any other form of visual and/or recorded media. 

Submissions can be under a pseudonym. Submissions can be in languages other than English.


Poetry should be under 50 lines and all writing should be under 3,000 words (if you would like to submit a longer piece, please send an email to asexualjournal@gmail.com or a DM on Twitter prior to submission for confirmation). Please note that music or video submissions will not be included in the print edition of the journal. Instead, a link to these sources will be included in the print journal with your bio. You may also choose to include a description of the media.

If you are submitting written work, your submission should be in Microsoft Word or PDF format. If you are submitting images, your submission should be in .jpeg/.jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tiff, or any widely-used image format. If you are submitting music or video, your submission should be in any widely-used audio or video format.

Also, you must include a short bio, 50-150 words written in 3rd person (this may include your location, how you identify, previous publications, education, any social media links or website links you would like to share, and more).


  1. The Asexual aims to respond within 2 weeks if your submission has been accepted for publication.

  2. Your submission may undergo a short editing process. You have the choice for final approval.

  3. All publications are paid at the current rate of $2.50 for poems and $5.00 for essays/artwork/other, as per the most recently surpassed Patreon goal. Payments will be distributed electronically via Paypal following the publication of the issue online and in print. You may also choose to opt out of payment if you so wish.

  4. You retain copyright of your work upon publication.

  5. You agree to give The Asexual first serial/electronic and print rights, and electronic and print archival rights. You agree to allow your work to be published online and in print/physical release and to be promoted on any social media of The Asexual. You agree to allow your work to be available for download in PDF format and on the TheAsexual.com upon release for free as well as for purchase in physical format. You also agree that if the work is published subsequently, either online or in print, credit to The Asexual is provided.

Vol. 2, Issue 1: Asexuality and Sex

Vol. 2, Issue 1: Asexuality and Sex

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