The Asexual is accepting submissions from asexual/ace writers and artists for the journal's third issue on the intersections of "body" and asexuality. While "body" may appear to refer most directly to the human body, the term can also be interpreted and applied more broadly and abstractly, incorporating other types of bodies and bodily forms. Some potential themes of written and visual work to submit include discussing, analyzing, or questioning how your own asexual/ace body is perceived by yourself and others, how issues of body-image and/or fatness intersect with asexuality, as well as how, in a general sense, asexual/ace bodies are perceived societally. More abstract themes may grapple with asexual bodies in nature, universal ideas of purpose and asexual bodies, as well as conceptions of reproduction and asexuality.

Submissions should be entirely original work and, preferably, previously unpublished, although this can be negotiated. There is no minimum length requirement, but please attempt to keep submissions of written work under fifty lines for poetry and under 3,000 words for prose. If you would like to send in a longer piece, this will likely be acceptable, but please send an email to prior to submission to confirm. Along with your submission, please send a 50-100 word bio about yourself written in third person. Please send submissions in a Microsoft Word document or in PDF format. If accepted for publication in The Asexual, your piece may be edited with your approval prior to being published online as well as in physical format and be made available for purchase. While the owner retains copyright of work upon publication, they agree to give The Asexual first serial/electronic and print rights, and electronic and print archival rights. If the work is published subsequently, online or in print, credit to The Asexual should also be provided.

Deadline: September 15th, 2017 // Submit to:

For full guidelines on submissions, visit The Asexual's submissions page.