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Body Shaming

Body Shaming

My life is poles apart

In comparison with counterparts

When I was thin, I was considered physically weak

When I gained weight, I was labeled as meek

I wonder why body shaming is considered an art

By the so-called tarts

There is always a possibility

Fatness is associated with Asexuality

Why show just the negativity

When being “Plus size” is not disability

There should be just one goal

Love must come from the soul

Those who love someone’s soul

Don’t talk about body & troll

I would suggest to fellow aces to just follow one’s heart

Because conforming to Society’s ideal body image won’t make you smart

Asexual Insight on the Male Homoerotic Body

Asexual Insight on the Male Homoerotic Body

Being Asexual and Overweight

Being Asexual and Overweight