I Don’t Give a Fuck is a new web series that focuses on the perspectives of Maya and Jasmine, two friends who fall on very opposites ends of the spectrum of sexual orientation. The reason I'm creating this series is to address the serious lack of accurate, relatable, and open representation of asexuality in media, and especially for people of color. In general, there's also still just a huge question mark that floats over the topic of asexuality, which demands the spread of awareness in response.

Firstly, Maya is an asexual who is straightforward and sassy. However, since she has to deal with the persistent societal pressures to date and be sexually active, she finds it increasingly difficult to be comfortable in her own skin. At times, it seems that she can only be herself in online spaces or with her friends, but, when she’s not busy building up her online social presence, she’s working as an intern for a small production house. 

Jasmine is an incredibly strong independent woman who – quite literally – “don’t need no man.” She’s an aromantic sex-positive pansexual who is a programmer by day and a writer by night. Not the type for commitment, she’s a woman who boldly embraces the freedom to express her own sexuality whenever and with whomever she pleases – carrying herself with confidence and allure, often against criticism from her family and the unwelcome opinions of men. 


Although the two women have different perspectives and experiences in life, they often depend on and support one another as they face their individual challenges of being queer women of color in their 20s. So, this series is here to continue that dialogue and to help people understand what asexuality is, how we view the world, and to understand that each person's experience as an asexual (or someone sitting on the spectrum) varies from one person to the next. As for Jasmine, who is hypersexual, she's a woman who's challenging the stigmas against open expression of female sexuality. The two girls have very different perspectives on life but can relate in how society and their traditional-minded ethnic communities ostracize them for being who they are. Beyond sexuality, though, IDGAF focuses on the journey and growth of these two women as they break cultural traditions and expectations, challenge ideals of body image, and more.

While IDGAF is a series that ultimately celebrates inclusion and diversity, the primary reason it’s being created is to give exposure to an incredibly underrepresented orientation, which is asexuality. There is a large need for people like myself who identify as someone on the asexual spectrum to be able to see their narratives represented. While the existence of Todd, an openly asexual character on Bojack Horseman, is a good start for representation, we need to ensure our representation is intersectional by putting more stories told from the perspectives of people of color, women, and/or gender non-conforming individuals. The series will provide that diverse experience, while also creating a discussion around the meanings of intimacy and attraction.


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Victoria Kee, who commonly goes by the name “Vic,” is a 25-year old filmmaker based in Virginia. She recently began to identify as demi-sexual last year, and has since fused elements of sexual identify into the subject of her documentary work, which often also consist of themes surrounding black identity, family, and the mundanities of everyday life. Instagram: @soeulcinema, Tumblr: kodacchromes, Twitter: @Victoria_kee

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