The Asexual journal is an independent platform publishing work by asexual, aromantic, and agender authors.

<I>The Asexual</I>: General Submissions

The Asexual: General Submissions

If you are looking to publish a submission on The Asexual that does not intersect with any of our current Calls for Submissions, this is the right place for you. As a space elevating discourse on (a)sexuality, gender, and attraction broadly, The Asexual accepts articles, collections, abstract expressions, and more on subject matter that may or may not intersect or resonate with asexuality. Although most publications will inevitably focus on asexuality, given The Asexual's focus, it is simultaneously critical to amplify voices in communities that may relate to ace experiences, either in their perceived lack of social normalcy or in their similar marginalization on the edges of social acceptability and understanding. In the realm of the abject; on the fringes of intelligibility; we all deserve a space to share our thoughts, perspectives, and expressions.


The Asexual is currently accepting poetry, prose, fiction, nonfiction, personal essays, academic essays, abstract written pieces, and any other form of writing. The Asexual also accepts photography, recorded videos, music, speeches, recited poetry, sketches, drawings, paintings, comics, abstract artistic work, and any other form of visual and/or recorded media or creative expression. 

Submissions can be under a pseudonym. Submissions can be in languages other than English.

Potential Themes

- Asexual, demisexual, gray-ace, aromantic, agender, demigender, and other similarly marginalized identities on the outskirts of queer and social intelligibility.
- Defining Asexuality: how do we define ourselves and how are we defined, what may the benefits be of retaining an amorphous definition of asexuality, discussions of gatekeeping, etc.
- Resonances: virginity, celibacy, nonsexuality, lack of sexuality, sexual desire, sexual attraction, love, romanticism, and other related experiences.
- Understanding Attraction: sexual, romantic, sensual, aesthetic, emotional, intellectual, etc.
- Queer Asexualities: asexuality and the queer community, ace exclusion/inclusion from queerness, understanding queer identity, queer spaces.

Note: This list is certainly not exclusive, and there are plenty of other themes and topics of which your article may intersect or resonate. Not all submissions are required to intersect with asexuality directly or even partially.


Poetry should be under 200 lines and all writing should be under 6,000 words (if you would like to submit a longer piece, please send an email to asexualjournal@gmail.com or a DM on Twitter prior to submission for confirmation).

If you are submitting written work, your submission should be in Microsoft Word format. If you are submitting images, your submission should be in .jpeg/.jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tiff, or any widely-used image format. If you are submitting music or video, your submission should be in any widely-used audio or video format.

If you are submitting visual artwork, or any other non-text submission, please include a short (150-250 words) description of your piece in 1st person. Example: "I created this piece because..." "This piece represents...." etc.


  1. All articles/submissions are subjected to an editing process.

  2. You agree to allow your submission to be published online and to be promoted on any social media of The Asexual. Your social media handle will be included when your submission is promoted on social media.


There is no deadline. Submissions are always open.

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