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<I>As de Corazones</I>: Does Sex Really Matter in a Relationship?

As de Corazones: Does Sex Really Matter in a Relationship?

As de Corazones is a short film currently being produced by Meraki Films, "an audiovisual production company formed by tenth cycle students of Audiovisual Communication career in Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas - UPC" based in Peru, that seeks to address the position and perception of sex in relationships. The film focuses on the story of Daniel, an adolescent boy "confused because he doesn't feel any kind of attraction for Alina, his girlfriend." The plot centers these two characters in, what could be described as, a scheduled romantic encounter, after Alina invites Daniel to "spend the weekend together alone at her house." Daniel initially reacts with some apprehension and anxiety due to his unsure sexual identity, and attempts to "discover what's happening to him" as well as uncover why he feels, or doesn't feel, the way society expects him to. 

Daniel, main character of  As de Corazones.  ( Source )

Daniel, main character of As de Corazones. (Source)

Through this narrative, the film addresses the fundamental question: "Does sex matter in a relationship?" It's a question that many ace people must navigate in society because sex is often perceived as necessary in relationships and those who don't experience sexual attraction often struggle to conform to these social expectations. Director of the film Alicia Gómez adds that, although society may condition us to conform to these sexual expectations, As de Corazones will support youth like Daniel "understand that they are not alone," that others "go through the same things" that they do, and that "despite everything that society says, it's okay to be the way they are." 

The story of As de Corazones is therefore an important one to tell "because people, especially in Peru, believe that the spectrum of sexuality is only about straights, gays and lesbians, when it really goes beyond that." Gómez recognizes the critical role of representation that deconstructs the importance of sex in relationships to exist as powerful and validating forms of empowerment, especially for youth, that expand definitions and understandings of sex and its function in relationships.. Gómez addresses this point directly in her mission statement for As de Corazones, declaring that "young people who are confused like Daniel" aren't afforded much representation in media, and therefore largely remain unaware "of the many sexualities that exist." Ultimately, Gómez is hoping that the film will assist youth like Daniel to validate and "identify themselves" as socially normative through expanding the notion of sexual identity to include those who do not experience sexual attraction.

Uplifting perspectives and representations that challenge normative sexual expectations in society is important in altering how the public perceives the role of sex in relationships. It's also crucial to acknowledge the origins of the films production company Meraki Films. Being based in Peru, Meraki is providing an often unheard perspective on the field of representation and (a)sexuality in As de Corazones through addressing the issue of sexual expectations in relationships and society overall. Existing as a self-described audiovisual production company "somos una productora audiovisual que hace todo con amor y dedicación, poniendo el alma en ello (that does everything with love and dedication, putting the soul in it)," Meraki is asking for your support in their production of As de Corazones via Indiegogo. Funding will be used to cover production expenses, such as the cast, production design, logistics, and distribution of the film. Even if you can't donate monetarily, you can still help by spreading the message of this needed narrative and representation via social media.

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