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Vol. 2, Issue 4: Thinking Attraction

Vol. 2, Issue 4: Thinking Attraction

For The Asexual’s final issue of Volume 2, we shift our focus to a topic which concerns the field of (a)sexuality studies greatly, although not exclusively. Attempting to determine who we are, who we are attracted to (if we are attracted to anyone at all), and how we experience that attraction (if we do) is much like navigating a labyrinth in a society so saturated with messages that sex equals attraction. If you are attracted to someone, the assumption that you want to have sex and engage in romantic gestures with that person is implicit. In our society, attraction seems to imply sex and romance. The repercussions of this manifest in a widespread silencing of other forms of attraction as experiences that may exist independently from sex and romance. Those of us on the ace and aro spectrums especially, who define our asexuality and/or aromanticism by a lack of sexual/romantic attraction are excluded from societal narratives of what it means to be attracted to others.

The Asexual is looking for submissions of written and visual work that capture attraction from angles which are unique or relatively unexplored. This may or may not involve thinking about attraction through a non-sexual and/or non-romantic lens, perhaps more carefully considering aesthetic, emotional, intellectual, platonic, sensual, and other ways of experiencing attraction. How may thinking attraction urge us to explore and challenge how society defines gender roles and categories, sexual identity, love, intimacy, human connection? Who gets to be “attractive” and what does it mean? How can we express attraction differently? What are the implications of this? How does queerness intersect with attraction? For example, submissions may be a personal narrative capturing your unique experiences with attraction, looking at historical or contemporary example(s) that encourage us to think differently about attraction, exploring how you and/or society sees your attractivity through artwork, or be done in an infinite other ways.

Deadline: December 31st, 2018


On the above theme, The Asexual is currently accepting poetry, prose, fiction, nonfiction, personal essays, academic essays, abstract written pieces, and any other form of writing. The Asexual also accepts photography, recorded videos, music, speeches, recited poetry, sketches, drawings, paintings, comics, abstract artistic work, and any other form of visual and/or recorded media. 

Submissions can be under a pseudonym. Submissions can be in languages other than English.


Poetry should be under 50 lines and all writing should be under 3,000 words (if you would like to submit a longer piece, please send an email to Please note that music or video submissions will not be included in the print edition of the journal. Instead, a link to these sources will be included in the print journal with your bio. You may also choose to include a description of the media.

If you are submitting written work, your submission should be in Microsoft Word format. If you are submitting images, your submission should be in .jpeg/.jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tiff, or any widely-used image format. If you are submitting music or video, your submission should be in any widely-used audio or video format.

Also, you must include a short bio of approximately 50 words written in 3rd person (this may include your location, how you identify, previous publications, education, any social media links or website links you would like to share, and more).


  1. Your submission may undergo a short editing process. You have the choice for final approval.

  2. All publications will be paid at the rate of $10.00. Payments will be distributed electronically via Paypal following the publication of the issue online and in print. You may also choose to opt out of payment if you so wish.

  3. You retain copyright of your work upon publication.

  4. You agree to give The Asexual first serial/electronic and print rights, and electronic and print archival rights. You agree to allow your work to be published online and in print/physical release and to be promoted on any social media of The Asexual. You agree to allow your work to be available for download in PDF format and on the upon release for free as well as for purchase in physical format. You also agree that if the work is published subsequently, either online or in print, credit to The Asexual is provided.

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