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Vol. 2, Issue 4: Thinking Attraction

Vol. 2, Issue 4: Thinking Attraction

Lead Editor
Michael Paramo (@mxparamo)

Ai Baba (@not_alibaba), Katie Halinski (@Liminalitea),
Emma Hutson (@Hemmanony), Sydney Khoo (@sydneykerosene)

Layout Editor
Michael Paramo

Cover Art
Daniela Illing (@zeichenleere)

Attraction can represent forms of feeling and being which may, at times, be difficult to comprehend and express. What is attraction? What does it mean to be attracted to someone? What are the assumptions which accompany it? To think attraction is to interrogate societal norms related to its construction as a concept and examine how ideas of the “natural” and “unnatural” attached to it apply to our lives.

Given the focus of The Asexual journal, the following personal essays, poems, visual artwork, and more largely grapple with this subject of attraction through an asexual and aromantic lens. Several authors describe how existing outside of the boundaries which define the norms of attraction affects how they navigate their lives and relationships, while others deconstruct these ideas in a more conceptual or abstract respect.

I created this issue theme with the intention of providing a space for extending the discourse on attraction — a subject which deserves and requires much more attention — particularly in manners which do not prioritize sex and romance. I hope the following collection of works prove to be fruitful in encouraging a (re)thinking of attraction from under-recognized perspectives while also illuminating the many wonderful authors who created its contents.

- Michael Paramo

About the Editors
Volume 2, Issue 4

Lead Editor

Michael Paramo is a two-spirit aro ace and researcher studying (a)sexuality, gender, attraction, and intimacy. They have presented their research on historicizing asexuality at the National Women's Studies Association and have been selected for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. They aspire to live near the forest and the ocean one day and be fully embraced by the beauty and power of nature. They can be contacted at mdparamo@gmail.com and found on Twitter at @Michael_Paramo

Editorial Board for Vol. 2, Issue 4

Ai Baba (she/they) is an aroace agender person, who is currently writing a dissertation on how to include into history those who have been marginalized, excluded, and/or forgotten from history, proposing the inclusion of asexuality in historical analyses. Ai currently volunteers for the Asexual Census Survey Team and also runs “ace to ace” to connect those who identify as ace in Japan (http://ace2ace121.wordpress.com). Twitter: @not_alibaba

Katie Halinski is a non-binary grey-asexual from London. They are currently doing a PhD in Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic at the University of Cambridge, where they are researching human-bird interactions and bird symbolism in Old Norse culture. In their spare time, they enjoy playing bass guitar and watching films (the stranger the better). They can be found on Twitter as @Liminalitea, where they mostly post about kaiju, cats, the stranger parts of medieval culture, and mental health.

Emma Hutson is currently completing a PhD on trans literature at Sheffield Hallam University. She has work published in C Word: An anthology of writing from Cardiff, Severine Literary and Art Journal, CrabFat Magazine, the Harpoon Review and The Asexual journal. Her short story ‘Footsteps’ came second place in Sheffield Authors’ Off The Shelf short story competition. She is available on Twitter @hemmanony

sydney khoo is a non-binary and queer writer, born in new south wales, australia to malaysian-chinese parents. though typically located crying in starbucks or tweeting in mcdonalds, they can occasionally be found posting creative essays and short stories online. follow them on twitter @sydneykerosene


Volume 2, Issue 4

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