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Do not mistake this admiration for a crush

I love you with your clothes on

With your wet muscles safely tucked away

I don't want to touch your perfect body with my mind


I want to get drinks and food with you

Crawl into your brain places as we talk

Explore the topography of your mind web

And catch myself in your connections


Let me watch the light of your intellect

Fall on the archive of your knowns

Illuminate your alabaster designs

And add my light to thine


Press me into the pages of your stories

Wrap me in your perspective

Whisper softly dharma's shape

And howl your demons' names


I am not cold for lighting different fires

I have no hidden desires nor designs

I offer a tree, slow growing but strong

Less pretty than vivid weeds that bloom and die

The Right Person Yet

The Right Person Yet

Dear Caduceus Clay, I hope you're ace

Dear Caduceus Clay, I hope you're ace