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Aesthetic Attraction Is Poetry

Aesthetic Attraction Is Poetry

Aesthetic attraction
is poetry

It's seeing
the first girl
I crushed on
as strawberry lips
brown coffee skin
with a splash of
yellow french vanilla. 

It's hearing
another Black
non-binary person
as a song,
melanin melody
of androgyny
and femme.

The most attractive
are accompanied by
electric guitar,
purple lightning
"When Doves Cry".

My verses
and lines
can be flirty
but that
doesn't mean
I want sex.

I draw a line
at kissing
breaking our lips
to start
a new verse
another way
to love.

I'll scoop you
spoon you
ice cream sweet
hug you
teddy bear soft.

I'll amuse you
with pink bubbles
of laughter
and cuteness.

I'll love you
and paint
your rainbow beauty
in a thousand words
or less.