Michael Paramo is a two-spirit aro ace person who prefers they/them pronouns. They also refer to themselves as queer and/or gay and feel comfortable identifying by these labels.

They are a private person recovering from trauma in their youth and adolescence who, as a result, strongly prefers communication via text-based, pre-recorded, and/or in-person methods. While in extraordinary circumstances they have and will engage in phone or live video chat, they highly prefer to not communicate in this manner.

They believe in being open about their mental health, disabilities, and other aspects of themselves that may widely be referred to in society as “weaknesses,” results of “immaturity,” or examples of “failure.” They are in an ongoing process of healing and reconnecting with themselves, and believe it is best to center their health at this moment in their lives.

They have worked with wonderful individuals representing Princeton University, Buzzfeed News, Slate Magazine, and others who have been incredibly accommodating and respectful of them and their needs (thank you!). They would love to and are committed to working with you to meet your needs and hope you will be open to doing the same for them in the process.

Please feel free to send inquiries, either pertaining to editing, proofreading, writing, in-person facilitating, in-person instructing, panels/presentations, and/or other opportunities, in or closely relating to the following areas:

  • Asexuality 101: The fundamental aspects of asexual identity

  • Navigating asexual and aromantic identity in a sexual/romantic world

  • Gender binary as colonial legacy: Linking transphobia and white supremacy

  • On technology, the origins of asexual identity, and its implications on community

  • Asexual intersectionalities, the body, and navigating socio-sexual meanings

  • Masculinity, sex, and (a)sexuality

Email: mdparamo@gmail.com

Twitter (DMs open): @Michael_Paramo