Select Publications

(PR) - Peer-reviewed academic article

(A) - Article written for an online publication

(S) - Self-published non-academic article

(P) - Poetry

(PR) “Virtual Intimacy and Queer Confrontations in The Last of Us: Left Behind.” Video Game Art Reader 2, TBA 2018.

(A) “The ‘A’ Doesn’t Stand For Ally” for INTO. October 11th, 2018.

(S) “Beyond Sex: The Multi-Layered Model of Attraction” for Medium. Selected by editors at Medium to be featured in “Sexuality.” March 13th, 2018.

(S) “Stop Shaming Male Virgins. Why it Matters for Asexual Men.” for The Asexual. January 6th, 2018.

(P) “White Wolf” for Bombus Press. Fall 2016.

Professional Experience

“Understanding Our Ace and Aromantic Identities Workshop.” Invited Workshop Facilitator at Princeton University, October 16th, 2018. (Pictured).

Founder, Lead Editor, and Social Media Manager of The Asexual ( journal since October 2016.

Organically brought The Asexual to over ten thousand followers on a social media platform. September 2018.

Published original academic article by Brian Fink, a Professor of Public Health at the University of Toledo, Ohio via The Asexual platform. April 2018.

Formed an editorial board for The Asexual journal including PhD candidates in the field(s) of feminist, gender, and (a)sexuality studies. January 2018.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship, California State University, Fullerton in Spring 2018.

Graduate Research Assistantship, California State University, Fullerton in Spring 2017.


Select Presentations

Tracing Desirelessness: An Historical Analysis of “Asexual” Existence. National Women’s Studies Association. Hilton Baltimore. November 2017.

Gender, Performance, and Drag Culture. Ethnic Studies Summit. Wilshire Theater, Fullerton College. October 2017. Invited Panelist.

LGBT Inclusive Public-School Curriculum: A Gradual Process, Support vs. Opposition, and Effects on LGBT Youth. Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association. Marriot Marina, San Diego. April 2017.

“God Makes No Mistakes”: Analyzing the LGBT Empowerment Anthem and Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” International Association for the Study of Popular Music. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. February 2017.

Select Interviews & Features

Celebrating Ace Achievement: “The Asexual” for Asexuality New Zealand Trust published on October 23rd, 2018

As part of our celebrating Asexual Awareness Week, the Trust recently got in touch with the founder and editor editor of the world’s first dedicated ace journal to celebrate a leader in the global ace movement.The Asexual is an international, free journal published each quarter that includes art, poems, short stories and fiction by asexual- and aromatic- identifying individuals. The most recent edition even included some asexuality-themed knitwear. Today the Asexuality New Zealand Trust’s blog examines  its recent achievements. Michael Paramo, founder and lead editor of The Asexual, is a two-spirit aromantic asexual person, and is a graduate student studying (a)sexuality, gender attraction and intimacy. They founded The Asexual in 2016. Since then, the journal has grown to reach a much larger audience, and has hit a few big milestones over the past year.

Les «two-spirit», ces Amérindiens qui dénoncent le colonialisme culturel des LGBT” by Félicien Cassan for published on September 27th, 2018

«En Occident, il y a une telle obsession pour le fait de classer genres et sexualités, qu’on se demande carrément comment légitimer les genres et sexualités qui sortent de la norme», indique Michael Paramo, par ailleurs rédacteur en chef d’une revue consacrée à l’asexualité, The Asexual. «Cette étiquette permet au moins d’ouvrir des portes, d’imaginer un monde où l’obsession hiérarchique est moins forte. […] Le fait d’accroître conscience et visibilité de l’asexualité pourrait être un pas de plus vers la dislocation de l’institution coloniale qu'est la hiérarchie sexuelle, avec ce qui est “acceptable” d’un côté et ce qui ne l’est pas de l’autre.» En décentrant le désir comme on le fait avec le regard, l’importance de l’attraction passe au second plan.

When You’re An Asexual Assault Survivor, It’s Even Harder To Be Heard” by Julie Kliegman for Buzzfeed Reader published on July 26th, 2018

“I think it’s empowering to see ace people talk about these experiences, especially as someone who has endured harassment and assault in my life,” said Michael Paramo, 25, an aromantic, asexual, two-spirit person who founded the Asexual journal. “I began to perceive my body as hideous, unlovable, not worthy of being seen, not worthy of even existing, and it opened a hole deep inside me. … I think there should be more discussion on how ace people may be vulnerable to sexual harassment and assault that addresses the nuances ace survivors may have to endure and navigate.”

"Why I Began A Magazine For Asexual People To Express Themselves." for Cake via Youth Ki Awaaz published on December 18, 2017

In fact, the upcoming issue of The Asexual journal is set on the theme of examining the intersections of asexuality and race, and is planning to publish a complete issue that centers writing and artwork by ace people of color in February 2018. I initially proposed this theme with the explicit intention of addressing the lack of representation and visibility of ace people of color in the ace community as well as to simultaneously emphasize how white ace people largely dominate ace spaces (I have written on why this may be the case before). I believe that it remains imperative to always prioritize those voices who are the most invisible, and I will continue to do so for as long as I manage The Asexual.

"Let me assure you that my life is no less fulfilling, thank you very much. #Asexual Awareness Week." with Aeron P, Vesper H, and Alison K for Buzzfeed LGBT on October 27, 2017

‘Centering Ace Perspectives and Narratives’: An Interview with Michael Paramo, Founder of The Asexual” by Noah Fields for Anomalous Press on October 23, 2017

It’s Ace Awareness Week! The ace community reflects a diverse spectrum of folks who may not experience sexual attraction to others — though of course, many people define or experience their own asexuality differently. While this identity is often invisible, The Asexual is a new publication making space for visibility for Ace creators, including writers and artists. We talked to founder and editor-in-chief Michael Paramo. They shared the story behind The Asexual and reflected on how ace visibility can be more inclusive and intersectional.